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May 24

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We are very aware of the extremely advantageous climate right now with interest rates being the lowest they have been in 20 years so we are offeringaccess to our database of 202,000,000 consumers with mortgage specific information on mortgage holders.

Our database has been updated as of September 30, 2016 and is fully customizable to target the exact underwriting guidelines that you require with full info on items such as:

  • Air Conditioning

  • Census Median Home Value

  • Date of Refinance

  • Estimated Current Home Value

  • Home Heat Indicator

  • Home Owner Source Flag

  • Home Pool Present

  • Home Purchase Date

  • Home Purchase Price

  • Home Purchase Price Code

  • Home Year Built

  • Homeowner Probability Model

  • Length of Residence

  • Length of Residence Code

  • Loan-to-Value

  • Mortgage Amount in Thousands

  • Mortgage Amount in Thousands Code

  • Mortgage Lender Name

  • Mortgage Loan Type

  • Mortgage Rate

  • Mortgage Rate Type

  • Most Recent 2nd Lender Code

  • Most Recent 2nd Mortgage Amount in Thousands

  • Most Recent 2nd Mortgage Date

  • Most Recent 2nd Mortgage Interest Rate

  • Most Recent 2nd Mortgage Interest Rate Type

  • Most Recent 2nd Mortgage Lender Name

  • Most Recent 2nd Mortgage Loan Type

  • Most Recent Lender Code

  • Most Recent Mortgage Interest Rate

  • Pass Prospector Value – Home Value Mortgage

  • Purchase 2nd Mortgage Amount

  • Purchase 2nd Mortgage Interest Rate

  • Purchase 2nd Mortgage Interest Rate Type

  • Purchase 2nd Mortgage Loan Type Code

  • Purchase Lender Code

  • Purchase Lender Name

  • Purchase Mortgage Date

  • Refinance Amount in Thousands

  • Refinance Amount in Thousands Code

  • Refinance Lender Name

  • Refinance Loan Type

  • Refinance Rate Type

  • Sewer

  • Transaction

  • Water

Credit, Financial Information:

  • American Express® Card

  • American Express® Card Gold/Premium

  • Bank Card – Presence in Household

  • Bank Card Holder

  • Credit – Range of New Credit

  • Credit Card – New Issue

  • Credit Card Use – Discover – Gold or Premium

  • Credit Card Use – Discover – Regular

  • Credit Card User

  • Credit Card User – Unknown Type

  • Credit Rating

  • Gas/Department/Retail Credit Card Indicator

  • Gasoline or Retail Card Gold/Premium

  • Investing – Active

  • Investing/Finance Grouping

  • Investment

  • Investment – Estimated Residential Properties Owned

  • Investments – Foreign

  • Investments – Personal

  • Investments – Real Estate

  • Investments – Stocks – Securities

  • MasterCard® Gold/Premium

  • MasterCard® Regular

  • NetWorth

  • Number of Lines of Credit

  • Premium Credit Card Holder

  • Presence of Bank Credit Card

  • Presence of Credit Card

  • Presence of Gold or Platinum Credit Card

  • Presence of Upscale Retail Credit Card

  • Travel and Entertainment Card Holder

  • Upscale Department Store Credit Card Holder

  • VISA® – Gold/Premium

  • VISA® – Regular Gold/Premium

In addition to home owner demographics like net worth

Further Customization:

  • Choose by ZIP Code

  • Choose by City

  • Choose by Radius around a ZIP Code

  • Choose by County

  • Closest records to an Address

  • Choose by State

  • Enter SCF Codes (up to 25) [first 3 digits of a zip code]

  • Select ZIP Codes or Carrier Routes from Map

  • Choose by Metro Area

  • Total U.S.

  • Congressional District

Please contact me at to discuss a lead list tailored directly to your specific needs and we can provide available counts with a test sample. This data is good for direct mail or telemarketing, and it includes DNC (Do Not Call) information or we can run through the DNC (Do Not Call) list. In certain cases for an additional cost we can include some email addresses as well.

I highly suggest to act now to be the first lending shop to get access to the file while it is freshly updated before your competition does.

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